About Us

Dundalk Bay Seafood’s Ltd is a family-owned business now in its third generation, the business was founded in 1975 and is currently the longest-operating Dublin Bay Prawn processor in Ireland.  Dublin Bay Prawns are scientifically referred to as “Nephrops Norvegicus” and in other countries, you may know them as Langoustines, Scampi, Cigalas, or the Norway Lobster. In recent years we have expanded our product range to include Frozen at Sea Prawns, Razor Clams, King Scallops, and Blue Lobster which are all locally sourced. Our main objective is to ensure the implementation of high production standards, by sourcing the best available raw material from the North and Irish Sea. Our strong supply channels of high-quality raw materials enable Dundalk Bay Seafood’s to produce a high standard of frozen langoustines with the use of a liquid nitrogen freezing tunnel at our factory. The Dundalk Bay Seafood’s Ltd brand has been in the European market since 1980s and is now known for its high-quality shellfish products, we have established multi-lingual sales agents in the following countries  Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong & China and our team will be happy to help with any query you may have.


Irish Seafood Product Range

Please see below our current range of top-quality Irish Seafood,

Dundalk Bay Seafood’s Ltd has the logistics to ship any item globally by Land, Sea, and Air.

Scampi Interi Cigalas Langoustines Navajas Couteux


Dublin Bay Prawns
Dublin Bay Prawns
Nephrops Norvegicus
King Scallops
King Scallops
Pecten Maximus
Razor Clams
Razor Clams
Ensis Siliqua
Blue Lobster
Blue Lobster
Homarus Gammarus
Frozen At Sea
Frozen At Sea
Frozen At Sea
What makes our quality?
Only good raw materials create the best products
1Our Belief

At Dundalk Bay Seafoodai is we believe
that our langoustines are an exclusive
product, a status that must be maintained
and have the quality to surpass the
expectations of the consumer when
they buy a luxury item.


Situated strategically beside one of
Europeai is leading prawn ports,
in an area with experienced labour in the
seafood sector. Our location provides us
with the best possible resources to produce
high quality seafood products.


Over 50 years experience in the seafood
sector and over 35 years of producing
Nephrops for the European market,
we know what we are doing.


Hand picking the best available raw
material to produce our products,
by using our experienced buyers to
select only the best material on the
market. Maintaining our factory status
as a modern stream line facility insuring
all materials are proceessed immediately
on arriving at the plant to capture
freshness and maintain the quality
of the material.

Environment & Community